Legendary Sports Broadcaster, Jim Hill of KCAL-9 and CBS 2, Lit by LEDZ

Jim Hill recently called the Cinemills head quarters and spoke with president, Carlos De Mattos. They both talked about lighting in broadcasting, specifically, the LEDZ.

“LED-Z saved the broadcasting day.” And “I love lighting!” – Jim Hill

One of the nation’s most respected sports anchors, Jim Hill has been a fixture on CBS 2 in Los Angeles for more than 30 years. He appears on the station’s weekday 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts and also hosts the weekend editions of “Sports Central” – Southern California’s most comprehensive sports newscast. In addition, he co-hosts “LTV,” the Los Angeles Lakers pre-game show on KCAL 9, where he joins Lakers legend James Worthy. (Read full bio CBS Los Angeles)

Jim Hill getting ready to be lit by LEDZ. (Before)

Jim Hill illuminated by LEDZ (After)

Jim Hill ready to broadcast live from the Staples Center. LEDZ in action.

Jim and and his production crew use several LEDZ Brute 9 on location.

The LEDZ BRUTE 9® system provides an extremely bright, rectangular beam spread. The BRUTE 9 is a modular system and can be set up as a duo fixture with a conversion kit. The BRUTE 9 incorporates an on‑board dimmer for full intensity control. The BRUTE 9 is a perfect fixture for the 0-200w HMI lighting market.

Special thank you to Glenn Shimada for choosing Cinemills LEDZ products.

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