Creating Fun and Alternative Uses With the LEDZ Brute 3

Here are some recent fun pictures sent to us from one of our product users. Originally, the LEDZ Brute 3 was used on-board the DSLR, for video, as additional lighting to cover live event. The event was for L.A. Beard and Mustache Competition 2012, held at The Belasco Theater, in DTLA.

Creating an alternative use, the user switched from video to photography, and used the light to help manipulate the mood of the image. Requesting the subject to hold the light and shine it on to his or her face, created a sort-of-monster-lighting.





ImageThe BRUTE 3 is the latest addition to the LEDZ product line, it is a versatile, lightweight, powerful light that can be used in many different applications.  With a color temp of 5500k and a full range spectrum, unmatched by our competitors, it has a circular beam, and a much longer range than other similar LED lighting solutions.  The BRUTE 3 is more than TWICE as powerful as our competitors and around HALF the price. The LEDZ BRUTE 3 will have an optional on board battery that will run the unit for an hour and a battery “Quick Pack” that will run the unit for 8 hours. The Quick Pack will also run the LEDZ MiniPar and BRUTE 9.  Several other optional accessories are available including a gel frame, handle, gooseneck adapter with baby-pin mount, etc.

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